This site is dedicated to something that has had a great impact on my life:  My name.

When I was young my name was a great source of frustration because no-one could pronounce it correctly and many thought I was a boy. Which I am not, I am a girl with the name Thursall.

Most of this site is dedicated to letting me explain my name and how it intrigues me.  Some of this site may be under construction. Please be patient if a link doesn't work.



The name Thursall was given to me by my mother.  She was working in a hospital when she was pregnant with me and ran across a woman in the hospital who had the name Thursall on her hospital bracelet.  My mom asked her about her name and she said she went by her middle name which was (and it changes every time I hear the story) Gertrude or Gretchen. My mom always says it was a name of German origin.

My mom decided she liked it and if she had a girl she was going to name her Thursall.  And here we are, she had a girl. Of course, I have a different middle name, not Gretchen or Gertrude but Nicole (French meaning Victory of the People).


  She is named



How I feel about my name

    I don't remember having to learn my name but I am sure it was difficult for me. I mean, how could it not be. It is a difficult name.

    When I was six or seven I really wanted to have a different name, I was old enough to know that my name was different. My name was hard. People couldn't say it especially teachers on the first day of school and I decided I liked my middle name much better. And even later in middle school, when I had six different classes and still none of the teachers could pronounce it right or decided to call my middle or last name instead.  I thought, maybe I should tell people to call me Nikki for Nicole and forget this whole Thursall business.  Probably what Gretchen or Gertrude decided too.

     A few years later, I got over it and decided I liked being different and at least my name wasn't Mary or Sue or Jennifer.  There are a lot of Jennifers out there. Sorry, Jennifer. My name was unique!

     I have definitely decided I Iike my name and am even proud of it. However, it is difficult for some people to remember or pronounce or spell and sometimes I wonder if I am even saying it right!

WhooHoo! I know another Thursall!

    I get thoroughly excited when I find my name somewhere or when someone tells me they know a Thursall.  I even looked a Thursall up on the internet a few years ago and called her.  She thought I was someone from her work playing a joke on her cause she had never met anyone with her name either.  It was all very fun and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am hoping from making this site that I will meet similar Thursalls or Thursals.  

    Please email me at thursall@thursall.com if you would like to contact me!  I would like to incorporate your story here as well if you like.



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